Give your merchants a white-labeled payment solution

Do you want to provide your merchants with a better payment solution and want the credit? VersioPay offers a white-labeled solution that gives you the power of VersioPay with the familiarity of your branding 

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Our Mission

We believe payments should be simpler, more affordable, and more secure. Our mission is to be the preferred payment provider for the lodging and e-commerce industries. 

We want to support the lodging industry by providing them the tools and capabilities they need to operate their businesses efficiently. 

Your Logo Here

With white-labeling, the messaging and logos are all yours. 

From onboarding to processing to the dashboard, your customers will see an experience branded by you. 

Enjoy the power and pricing of VersioPay with the trust and value of your branding

Your logo

Completely brand the VersioPay experience with a simple "Powered by VersioPay" byline


The same privacy and security VersioPay offers

Customer Support

Complete support documentation so you can handle most cases in-house, with simple escalation procedures built-in

VersioPay is the most efficient payment software for businesses to streamline their processes without any hassle. All of our departments communicate smoothly through it.

William Anderson

CEO at Star Track