We help businesses streamline payments

We saw a problem in the industry and we were determined to solve it. 

For years the lodging industry (hotels, resorts, etc) has been underserved by payment processing companies. Even with rules and regulations properties have to follow, there were nearly no companies with good solutions allowing companies to stay compliant. 

The result is nearly every lodging property in the United States has been processing at higher costs as “e-commerce” and violating regulations. 

VersioPay was founded to solve that problem.   

VersioPAY allows hotels to accept payments and handle end-to-end transactions online and on their properties. We work directly with PMS companies to process payments as “lodging” transactions, keeping properties in line with rules and regulations. 


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Our Mission

We believe payments should be simpler, more affordable, and more secure. Our mission is to be the preferred payment provider for the lodging and e-commerce industries. 

We want to support the lodging industry by providing them the tools and capabilities they need to operate their businesses efficiently. 

Our Values

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Customer Support

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Our Team

We are technology and industry veterans 

Jeff Johnson

Vision and Product

Mark Hoefling Headshot
Mark Hoefling

Operations and Finance

Charles Forster

Marketing and Business Development

Karyn Aly

Accounts and Quality Control

Bryan Johnson
Bryan Johnson

Logistics and Support

Rodney Biggs

Payments Specialist

VersioPay is the most efficient payment software for businesses to streamline their processes without any hassle. All of our departments communicate smoothly through it.

William Anderson

CEO at Star Track